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AV distribution

ZeeVee offers solutions to meet any AV requirement. Our video streaming products allow for easy deployment of TV or user-generated content to any screen on your IP network. Our engineers encourage a deep collaboration with our system integrators and customers. They make sure the design fit the customers requirements before recommending a product.
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About ZeeVee

ZeeVee is the one of the foremost global manufacturers of digital technology products that can distribute audio-video content from any number of sources to any number of displays. Manufactured in the US, ZeeVee’s products are widely used in many industries from education, government, corporate, healthcare, broadcasting, hospitality, retail, housing, etc.

It is the only company in the world that offers products capable of distributing AV over RF and AV over IP including products with simultaneous RF and IP output and an extensive line of IP based solutions. We customize solutions based on any difficult specifications in a cost effective manner especially for customers who are looking to migrate from RF-based systems to a fully IP- based network.

Using only open standard digital technologies, ZeeVee offers advantages to both integrators and users in aspects to cost, quality, longevity, reliability, scalability and upgradability. It is due to this that ZeeVee has established itself as a pioneer in technology development and has become a global leader in deployments of IP-based AV distribution networks.

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AV over IP

AV over IP Video Encoders & Decoders
ZeeVee continues to lead the AV industry in developing AV over IP distribution products and offering the widest range of products for meeting the needs and budget of every customer.
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Video Streaming
ZeeVee’s video streaming products allow users to quickly and easily deliver television programming, digital signage, or any other type of user-generated content to any screen on an IP network.
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RF Modulation Products
Created for global customers, ZeeVee’s AV over RF solutions are designed for the world’s most deployed RF modulation standards, QAM and DVB-T/C.
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