Siemon History

Since 1903, Siemon has been dedicated to providing the best possible service to their customers. From supplying AT&T in the newly established telecommunications market in the early 1900s, to being one of the worlds largest end-to-end network solution manufacturers, Siemon has never lost its home-grown values and dedication to customer service.

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Cabling Solutions for Intelligent Buildings

Siemon ConvergeIT is a unified intelligent building (IB) cabling solution that combines Siemon's proven quality with advanced copper and fiber cabling technology to create a structured cabling system that converges critical data, voice, video and low-voltage building systems onto a single unified physical infrastructure, providing significant cost savings and sustainability over the life of the facility.


Siemon's LightHouse

Siemon's LightHouse Family of High-Performance Fiber Optic Products includes:

  • A complete line of high-density Plug and Play solutions supporting up to 40 and 100Gb/s featuring Siemon's innovative LightStack™ solution with best in class cable management accessibility and ease of use.
  • Comprehensive line of RIC, SWIC and FCP rack and wall-mount fiber enclosures.
  • Rapidly deployed, preterminated and tested trunking assemblies in custom lengths, fiber counts and configurations.
  • High-performance, factory-tested jumpers and pigtails including Siemon's innovative push-pull LC BladePatch®.
  • Field-terminated connectivity — multiple LC, SC and ST configurations, individual and mass fusion splice solutions.
  • Fiber Cable Offering — OM3 and OM4 50/125, and Singlemode OS1/OS2.
  • Passive Optical LAN splitters and enclosures.
  • Cost effective Cisco-compatible SFP+ and QSFP high speed interconnect assemblies.

Cable Management