Throwable microphone

Break the ice

Liven up your events with Catchbox engagement microphones! With microphones that you can just throw around, create an atmosphere where everyone is having fun sharing their thoughts and ideas.
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The engagement microphone

What’s the Catch?

We have many more ways to get the conversation going. Check out our other Catchbox products that let you amplify your voice, record and facilitate hybrid learning.

Engagement for any situation

Place your brand at the heart of the discussion. Encourage meaningful participation amongst employees and create a culture where ideas are shared freely across the company.
Break down barriers to engagement in the classroom. Create an environment where every student feels comfortable speaking up and sharing their thoughts.
Curate amazing events where ideas can come to life. Use Catchbox to captivate your audience and encourage greater interaction between speaker and audience.


Catchbox Module
Engage audiences of any size with dynamic discussions and quickfire Q+A sessions using Catchbox Mod
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Catchbox Lite
Designed to maximize participation in smaller group settings, Catchbox Lite encourages everyone to join the conversation
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Catchbox Plus
Powerful, versatile and easy to use, Catchbox Plus is perfect for activities of any size
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