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Signage web is a cloud-based content management and Digital signage platform designed for users to easily create, manage, and publish digital content without the need for any expensive customization. All it takes is three main components to push your content forward. The control panel lets you create and manage your content, the server syncs this content to the players and the players then push the content to the digital signage.
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Why Signage Web?

Digital signage is a platform for pushing digital media and brand/organizational messaging to public and private audiences through a network of digital displays. From a single digital display, a video wall, or a network of multiple screens, unique and dynamic content can be created. Digital screens give the advantage of displaying an immense amount of information compared to traditional forms of advertisements which increases audience engagement.


Digital Signage Content Management
Custom VideoWall Solutions
Interactive Content Creation
Custom Way Finding Solutions
Digital Signage Template Designs

What Differentiates SignageWeb

Drag and Drop Content Editor

The Control Center includes a full-scale Content Editor allowing you to create, edit and manage content directly from the platform without the need of third-party software applications.

Animation of Elements

Add animation to any of your elements to make your content more engaging and eye-catching. Choose from hundreds of different animation types and define the timing and speed of the movement.

Infrastructure Agnostic

The platform can be deployed as a cloud-based system eliminating the need for local servers or as an on-premise system depending on end user preferences and requirements.

Advanced Playlist and Scheduling Features

The Control Center includes a drag and drop Playlist Editor allowing you to quickly build and re-organize content playlists and set individual play times for each content. The Scheduling tool allows you to easily drag and drop content to a calendar for specific dates and times.

Easy-to-Connect Live Data Integration

Add live data connections to your content by simply linking content fields to XML data feeds or a simple Google spreadsheet.

Interactive Content without HTML Coding

Build interactive content without the need for backend HTML coding.

API Toolkit for Custom Application Development

Custom API toolkits for your application development needs.

Sensor integration

The platform includes an API toolkit with documentation to build custom applications linked to your digital signage.

Players for Android, Windows, BrightSign, LG and Samsung systems

The platform is compatible with the most widely-used operating systems including Android, Windows, Brightsign, LG and Samsung.

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